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ZOM 100 Movie Review: Bucket List of the Dead – Is it Worth Watching?

Akira Tenno relieved about not going to work.

A live-action adaptation of Yusuke Ishida’s Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead has been applauded since it launched on Netflix about a month ago. Sharing to you our Zom 100 movie review. A light hearted comedy-horror film based on the popular seinen manga, centers on Akira Tendo, a burned-out corporate employee who’s being bullied by his power-tripping bosses. Akira's enthusiasm wanes as his ideal job turns into a nightmare. He is required to work in the office for much longer hours and most of the time receives invalid criticism from his bosses. Until one day when the zombie apocalypse hits Japan, and he realized that he doesn’t need to work anymore, instead of being lonely about it, the thought of not going to work excites him. He feels relieved and starts to write down his bucket list – the things he wants to do before being eaten by the zombies.

Akira Tenno fighting against zombie shark.

The majority of zombie movies emphasize how grim and terrible the future will be as people suffer a painful end at the hands of the dead. This unexpectedly wholesome movie, Zom 100, gives a fresh view of a zombie apocalypse. That people can still have the best time of their lives regardless of the situation. It’s funny how it showed a resemblance between the corporate zombie-like lifestyle of an employee and a real zombie apocalypse survival.

Despite encountering hundreds of flesh-eating zombies, "Zom 100" maintains a positive tone throughout. There's nothing to be afraid of, but there's a lot to celebrate. "Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" has some kooky scenes, such as escaping love motels, fighting zombies in superhero costumes, and, yes, a zombie shark with feet (a never before seen type of villain). Not to forget the hilarious choice of soundtrack in an unexpected moment of the film.

ZOM 100 Movie Review: Skip it or Stream it?

Zom 100 manga and live action

The narrative is flawless, whether it is because it was an anime adaptation or because of the excellent performers. The characters and their character evolution would be completely clear to anyone watching Zom 100 as a stand-alone film without prior knowledge of the anime. Each significant character has enough opportunity to develop, and the director takes enough time to single out the three major characters and give them each their own amount of screen time. This not only shows that they are not flat characters who exist simply to advance the story, but also that they have enough personality to be taken seriously as key players in the film.

Akira's situation may be relatable to you if you are currently locked up in a job that shows little care. If you've ever fantasized about getting out of your job, possibly through a world-threatening disaster ending it for good, you'll understand Akira's first joy upon discovering his city has been overrun by zombies. It's surely a better approach to avoid work than making up an excuse about an illness. In summary, Zom 100 is a film where friendship, horror, humor, and zombies all coexist. If you enjoy these types of movies, then you shouldn't miss it.

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