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Top 10 Kdrama on Netflix 2023: The Streamers’ List

Are you a Kdrama addict? Netflix is a famous streaming platform that creates award-winning TV series that are highly rated all over the world. World-class reality shows, documentaries, and movies with a variety of genres, to claim their spot in the entertainment industry. However, Netflix’s Korean Drama line-ups are the most binge-worthy series among all the others. If you are looking for a must-watch Korean drama on Netflix while enjoying your hot coffee on a cold rainy Sunday morning or having a pizza night with your friends, it’s our pleasure to share our Top 10 Kdrama on Netflix 2023 that you will surely enjoy and make you click that “watch next episode” button.

Here are the Top 10 Kdrama on Netflix 2023 must watch

10. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Photo teaser of Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Labeled as the fans’ most adored kdrama series as it enlightens everyone about people within the autism spectrum. Attorney Woo (Park-Eun Bin), who suffers from autism, pursued her dream to be an attorney. She had a difficult time as she faced prejudice and stereotypes as she worked at a well-known law firm. With her determination and intelligence, she was able to solve tough cases and give justice to them. It’s an inspirational drama series that will surely motivate you and give you a different view of people with autism.

9. The Glory

Song Hey Kyo in The Glory

The Glory is about a student who has been a victim of high school bullying and abandoned by her mom after being bribed by her oppressors. Moon Dong-Eun (Song Hye Kyo) despite what happened, managed to survive the unfortunate happening in her life and planned to seek revenge for being severely bullied by her classmates. Soon became complicated because of the people she had met during the process of revenge that changed her perspective in life. In this series, you’ll become aware of how bullying can be so brutal and how it can leave a scar not only on the body but also on someone’s heart. Keep a tissue within your reach and be ready to feel extreme emotions.

8. Celebrity

Celebrity Kdrama Series

Celebrity is a newly released TV series on Netflix. The series is about a young lady who was once happy with her offline life but suddenly became South Korea’s top influencer but behind the scene, she discovered the scandalous side of being a social media celebrity. It will take you to the world of the influencers and unravels the dark side of their fame. This thriller-mystery series is a top pick this year and has gained popularity as it touches on a very sensitive topic that no one might think of. Get your popcorn and be ready to solve a mystery.

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7. Sky Castle

Sky Castle TV Drama

Sky Castle is pretty much a luxurious community owned by wealthy families who are very obsessed with getting their children to South Korea’s top universities. In this series, you’ll understand the struggle and sacrifices experienced by their children to live up to their parent’s expectations. The show implicates the unimaginable greed of upper-class families and the price it costs them. It’s very entertaining because of its “black humor”. Some twists and turns would make your heart skip a bit and want to watch more.

6. Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Under the Queen's Umbrella

This series surely deserves a 5-star rating! Under the Queen’s Umbrella sets on Korea’s Joseon era. A vibrant queen is trying to raise her trouble-maker sons in a race to become the next King of Joseon after the mysterious crown prince’s death. With their competitors (King’s sons from her concubines) trying to snatch the crown. It exhibits how the queen has gone through all struggles and challenges to protect her sons from their enemies who’re trying to remove them from the picture. You will surely love this historical kdrama.

5. Business Proposal

Business Proposal Kdrama series

For the romantic-comedy series fanatics out there, Business Proposal (webtoon-based series) is binge-worthy for you. It started when Shin Ha-Ri decided to go on a blind date in place of her friend who turned out to be the CEO of the company she was working with. When her boss, Kang Tae-Moo, found out about it, he hired Shin Ha-ri to be her fake girlfriend to make his grandfather stop asking him to go on blind dates. Their romance began as their feelings for each other started to get real. This kdrama is very fun to watch with your family, especially with your partners.

4. It’s Okay Not to be Okay

It's Okay Not to Be Okay casts

The series revolves around the life of Ko Min-Young, an anti-social writer of children’s book stories who has a temper and is disliked by everyone. She has begun to open up when she met Moon Gang-Tae, a psychiatric ward nurse who happens to have a mystifying connection with her in the past. The actors went above and beyond in their acting. You’ll feel different kinds of emotions: guilt, sadness, worry, care, and love. The series also shows how a brother’s love can be so selfless and unconditional despite his brother being autistic. This is one of the most loved kdrama you shouldn’t miss out on.

3. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You final scene

Another popular romantic kdrama series that you will love! The series follows the life of Son Ye-Ri, an heiress of one of the richest families in South Korea. The fascinating story started on the day she tried paragliding when a tornado happened and she found herself hanging on a tree inside the North Korean border. It’s when she met Ri Jeong-Hyuk, a North Korean army captain who takes care of and hides her. They eventually fell in love with each other. Witness how they fought for their love despite their countries being worst enemies.

2. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This kdrama series was released more than a decade ago but is still one of the fans’ best picks. A legendary nine-tailed fox or a “gumiho” who was locked in a portrait for hundreds of years after she failed to be married because of the gossip spread around that she eats human liver. Then met Cha-Dae Woong, an aspiring action star who run-away from his family and got into an accident in the forest. Because of that, Dae-Woong needed the fox’s bead to heal him. As the story goes along, they find themselves in love with each other despite their differences.

1. The Squid Game

The Squid Game

A series like none other! Still in the top spot of the most-viewed kdrama series in the world. This is a story of survival as they join a game where whoever will be eliminated will be killed. It started when the people behind the game invited players who are in huge debt. Whoever wins the game will be awarded a prize of 45.6 billion won. They need to take part in a series of children’s games and the winner will proceed to the next round but the losers will face death.


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