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Top 10 Best Pixar Movies on Netflix: Ranked

Pixar movies collection

In the world of animated films, Pixar, an animated studio based in California, is known for its commitment to creating world-class quality of work and high standard motion graphics using science, maths, and codes. Pixar has produced a massive number of successful family-friendly films but is continuously refining their CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology to showcase more realistic features of animation. Over the years, Pixar has created heartwarming and very entertaining animated movies fit for all ages. From the toddlers having their first glimpse of the creative world of animation to their parents enjoying their movie weekend with the whole family. It’s undeniable that every Pixar movie paved its way to success. From the relatable unique characters to having a keen attention to details kind of work. Wondering which streaming channel to watch Pixar Movies? Being a subsidiary of Disney since 2006, you can obviously watch them on Disney+ but Netflix also has its collection of Pixar’s high-rated films you’ll surely love to watch this summer vacation. Aside from the legendary Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Bug’s Life, here are our top 10 best for Pixar movies on Netflix:

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10. Turning Red

Mei-Lee turned into a red panda

Pixar’s “Turning Red” covers the story of Mei-Lee, a confident 13-year old nerdy girl caught between continuing to be her mother's devoted daughter, and the chaos of her adolescence transition. Unfortunately, her mother, Ming, has always been closely around and overprotective, a common problem for teenagers. In addition, once she gets too excited, she poofs into a huge red panda!

9. The Good Dinosaur

Arlo and his human best friend, Spot.

Pixar has made its way to the world of Dinosaurs. This happens in a world where humans and dinosaurs coexist. Arlo, an apatosaurus, while chasing for the creature that destroys their family’s crops, loses his way home. While travelling into the harsh human world, he begins to live in fear, but it ends when he meets Spot, a feral child and they begin their adventure together. The story is about standing up for yourself and conquering your fear.

8. Brave

Princess Merida and her brothers and parents.

Merida, the first Disney princess without a romantic partner, showcases that you don’t need a man to “live happily ever after”. Conflict arises when Princess Merida, a skilled archer, defies the custom of their kingdom and relies on her own bravery. Brave is a feminist movie that conveys a message that women can make their own decisions and have the freedom to choose their own path.

7. Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve's journey on Earth.

Wall-E or Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth, is the last robot on earth that was programmed to clean the garbage on the surface of the planet. For seven years Wall-E has been alone by himself, then one time he meets Eve and instantly falls for her and pretty much will do anything for her. Their journey together on the deserted, uninhabited Earth has begun.

6. Luca

Luca the merman swimming in southern sea of Italy.

Luca, is an animated movie about a cheerful, bright kid from the seaside town of Italy who resembles a mermaid. Too eager to set foot on dry land, Luca goes to the Italian Village one summer and meets a friend, Alberto. The story is about friendship and camaraderie. This teaches the viewers to accept who you are and being unique is not a sin, it will make you stand out among the rest.

5. Encanto

The Madrigals family portrait.

Meet the Madrigals. An extraordinary family in the land of Encanto, a location hidden in the Colombian highlands. Every member of the family has their own special gift aside from Maribel. Maribel has felt left out as she doesn’t possess any gift but still tries her best to be useful for her family. Never do they expect that when the Encanto magic is put into jeopardy, Maribel is their only chance of survival.

4. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Incorporated film by Pixar

Monsters Inc or Monsters Incorporated is a Pixar animated film about Monsters generating electricity for their city through children’s fearful screams. They deliberately go to their rooms to scare them. The louder the scream is, the better. Until the two monsters, Mike and Sully (the top team in scaring children) meet this young girl from the human world who accidentally follows them to the Monster city. In their journey in bringing the young girl back home, they become best friends.

3. Coco

Miguel and his great-grand father.

Coco is all about family. Miguel, an aspiring musician who is bewildered why music is banned in their family, by chance enters the colorful and stunning Land of the Dead. There he meets his great-grandfather and discovers the real reason behind his family’s rule following a mysterious chain of events. The message of the movie is bringing the family back together through music.

2. Inside Out

Chaos happened in the headquarter.

An animated film that was released in 2005 which centers around Riley, an 11-year old girl who has a roller-coaster of emotions after her family decides to move to San Francisco. A chaos has come off the “Headquarters” as sadness overpowers all the emotions inside Riley’s head and creates conflicts over Joy, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Adding the adjustment that a teenager has to go through. The movie portrays how each and every emotion that someone feels is important and should be validated.

1. Up

Journey of Carl Frederick and Russell.

No one is too old to experience adventure. Pixar is not always about monsters, space men or superheroes. Up is a story of Carl Frederick’s life journey. Carl and his wife have been bestfriends since they were young and build a house to live with each other. As Carl’s wife passes away, he feels sad and alone so he decides to push through his life-long dream of going to Paradise Falls. Unknowingly, Russel, an 8-year old boy scout, secretly travels with him and their journey together has started.

Top 10 Best Pixar Movies on Netflix: The Best of Pixar

Pixar has prominently created meaningful movies and very relatable characters that truly touch your heart. We all agree that this animated studio is beloved by all of its viewers, children or adults. Pixar dives into different themes: friendship, family, feminism, co-existence of human and animal creatures, love, mental health awareness, self-confidence, self-restoration, that are common issues in our society right now. Movies created by Pixar serve as an eye-opener and set off realization on topics we normally miss out.


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