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Top 10 best FIFA songs of all time

Updated: Aug 9

A screenshot from FIFA 21 gameplay with Liverpool and Tottenham

The Fifa series has had some truly iconic soundtracks over the years. Just hearing that one certain song can hit you right in the nostalgia and transport you back to one of your best childhood memories. Of coming home from school, throwing in the FIFA disc and getting ready to score screamers with all your favourite footballing icons. Nothing can transport me back in time quite look a song synonymous with a particular edition of FIFA.

Deciding which are the greatest FIFA songs is therefore a truly difficult and subjective challenge as it’s so heavily biased by our own age and memories. EA themselves attempted it when they decided to add lots of fan favourite songs into FIFA 23 to coincide with the world cup. Nevertheless, as someone who has been playing every FIFA since FiFA 2004 (Plus the 2002 World Cup game) I feel fairly well positioned to offer my own take. With the FIFA license now officially gone from EA’s long running franchise, this list will remain unchanged and stand the test of time. These are the top 10 best FiFA songs of all time.

Honourable mentions:

Conqueror - Aurora

Feet don’t fail me now - Joy Crookes

Mercy - Duffy

Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John

Walk - Kwabs

Fools Gold - The Stone Roses

Dreaming - Smallpools

Town called Malice - The Jam

The Nights - Avicii

10. The Rockefeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
(FIFA 99)

Kicking off the top 10 is this classic from all the way back in the 90’s. Fatboy slim is as synonymous with this era as the image of Dennis Bergkamp in the JVC sponsored Arsenal strip from the cover. From the very first seconds of this song it gets you hyped up and ready to take to the field to beat all your friends and family.

9. We Come Running - Youngblood Hawke
(FIFA 13)

The vibe of FIFA and EA SPORTS’ soundtracks have changed a lot over the decades. Shifting from more rock focused to chilled out Indie. This song sits firmly in the latter and was a perfect tone setter for FIFA 13. It also is a complete ear worm that sticks in your head long after putting down the controller.

8. Jerk It Out - Caesars
(FIFA 2004)

FIFA 2004 has the highest number of entries on this list and also just happens to be the first I played, could that be down to bias or just because it had the best soundtrack? I’ll let you be the judge of that. What is undeniable though is that this song sounds like it was made for FIFA. Great for getting you in the mood as you play through career mode.

7. Song 2 - Blur
(FIFA 98)

WOOOHOOO! As the punchy drums and thrashing 90’s guitar scream out of your speakers, I defy anyone to not get pumped up and ready to put on their boots. Fun fact for this entry, FIFA 98 was was the first FIFA to have a listened soundtrack. Not a bad debut.

6. Guten Tag - Wir sind Helden
(FIFA 2004)

Football is the world’s game and played all over the world so it’s always fun when that’s represented in the soundtrack. This uptempo German number is a great foot tapper and EA should add more music from across the globe, especially from different corners of Europe. This is also the second entry from FIFA 2004 on this list.

5. Heat Waves - Glass Animals
(FIFA 21)

This is one that grew on me over time. Unremarkable on first listen but after a few repeats it quickly became the song I most wanted to come on whilst scrolling the menus. Whenever it did, I would always be willing to do some tactical tinkering or player searching just so I could listen more, at least till after the catchy chorus had finished.

4. My Type - Saint Motel
(FIFA 15)

Saxophone. Need I say more. A great pop hit which can lift your mood even if you have just crashed out of the European cup with a heartbreaking defeat. And seriously, we need more saxophone music, not just in games but in general.

3. Kids - MGMT
(FIFA 09)

Just like Fatboy Slim is synonymous with the 90’s, this song has such a distinct sense of time and place that can transport everyone who grew up with it back to their childhoods. A fantastic song and one that feels inseparable from the FIFA games as all great FIFA songs should.

2. 19-2000 - Soulchild Remix - Gorillaz
(FIFA 2002)

This song just feels like a sunny Saturday morning playing Fifa with a cool breeze blowing through the curtains of your bedroom window. Great at putting a smile on your face and giving just the lift needed for a crucial season defining fixture. It is indeed the music that we choose.

1. Red morning light - Kings of Leon
(FIFA 2004)

The greatest FIFA song of all time and completing the hat trick for FIFA 2004, Kings of Leon’s Red morning light. Not just a certified banger of a song, but also the music used for the frankly iconic FIFA 2004 intro featuring Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and Alessandro Del Piero showing off their skills by helicopter spotlight. Legendary footballers from a legendary era creating pure poetry. Peak FIFA, peak football.


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