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Tips for First-Time Flyers: Planning Guide

Updated: Aug 9

Traveling overseas for the first time is overwhelming and nerve-wracking especially when it comes to preparation. But once you overcome the stressful part, it will be thrilling and rewarding. Going somewhere unfamiliar feels very scary and confusing at first, but going prepared can ensure everything goes smoothly. The following tips for first-time flyers can answer all your worries and confusion. So, what are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin!

St. Pancras, London, United Kingdom

Tips for First-Time Flyers that You’ll Definitely Use

Get Your Travel Documents Ready

A man with a passport.

First and foremost, make sure all your travel documents are ready. This is to avoid problems that may arise when you arrive at the airport. Immigration or passport controllers will need to check it before you’re allowed to leave the country. Also, check passport validity, it should not be less than 6 months. Do research if your destination requires a visa upon entering the country. Prepare ahead of your preferred travel date to avoid any issues that would potentially delay your trip. Save a copy of other necessary files on your cloud like flight booking details, hotel bookings, IDs, etc.

Do Research on Your Destination

A man researching in the internet.

Research your destination. Look for and plan places you’d love to go. Though it feels thrilling to travel spontaneously, it’s still practical to have a handful of information. It will be necessary to know what language they speak, their culture, the climate to prepare proper clothing, ways of transportation, things that are prohibited or not allowed to do while you’re there, favorite local foods, souvenir shops, and tourist spots you’re eyeing to visit and how to get there. Watching travel videos from your destination is highly recommended too. It is also suggested to download Google Translate especially if you’re going to a place that speaks a different language than yours.

Do Budget Planning for Your Trip

U bike in Taipei, Taiwan

The first thing you need to consider in budget planning is how many days you’ll be staying at your destination. Excluding the price of flight tickets and accommodation, make sure you bring not just enough but more than what you’ve budgeted. If you’re a budget traveler, try eating in local restaurants or food parks, it's much cheaper than eating in a fancy restaurant. Creating an itinerary is advised for you to avoid the hassle, manage your schedule for the day, commute properly, and most importantly, save money for your travel. Make your experience worthwhile.



This is something you might not think about when planning for your travel. Well, check this out or lose huge amounts of cash. First, research if the country you’ll be visiting mostly use card for payment transactions. If not, it is advised to look for foreign exchange in your home country. Consider looking for more than one money changer and do price comparison to get the fairest deal. If you prefer using your card, talk to your bank about your upcoming trip. Some cards are not allowed to be used in other countries unless they were advised beforehand. Even so, it’s still wise to have pocket money with you just in case.

Pick Your Hotel Wisely

World Trade Center station in Dubai, UAE

Choosing a place where to stay would very much affect your travel experience and budget. You can stay in a grand hotel or a bag-packers lounge. Either way, you must give a thought about these: Do a thorough research on which region or city is best to stay if you’re a first-time flyer. Also consider checking on the neighbourhood if it’s safe. Read reviews. It’s suggested to book hotels or any accommodation with high ratings and know their experiences while staying in that place. Check its accessibility to the train station or bus stop.

Book Everything in Advance

Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom

As you all know, booking either hotels or flight tickets at the last minute will be very expensive. Book everything months before your trip to save money and to give yourself more choice of airlines and hotels that offer a fair price. If you’re definite with your itinerary, also book in advance entrance tickets and transportation to avoid long queues and hussles. Consider booking during the off-season to keep away from huge crowds. Don’t make your dream travel experience into a nightmare. Avoid stress and have fun!

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