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The Bests in the World: The Heaven’s Gate in China – Gateway to Heaven

The Bests in the World features the breathtaking places on Earth that you might not have discovered yet. Join us as we unfold the fascinating wonders of the world.

The Heaven’s Gate in China: Stairway to Heaven

A breathtaking nature's work-of-art
The Heaven's Gate in Zhangjiajie, China

Aside from the well-known Great Walls of China, the country has a lot to offer when it comes to majestic tourist places. The famous Heaven’s Gate, located in Tianmen Cave, in the province of Zhangjiajie in China, is the world’s highest natural arch that can be accessed by a 999-step staircase. In Chinese numerology, 9 is a lucky number that signifies good fortune and fulfillment in life.

Hundreds of years ago, a 30-meter-wide hole slowly formed in the mountain rock because of soil and water erosion. It was believed that a large chunk of rock fell off the mountain according to Chinese folklore, creating an arch-like door to heaven image (sitting approximately 5,000 feet high).

With 99 bends going to Heaven's Gate
Heaven-Linking Avenue

To reach the Heaven’s Gate in China, you need to hop in what is said to be the longest cableway in the world at a length of 7.5 kilometers. Then, from there is an 11 kilometers bus journey on a narrow roadway with 99 bends (Heaven-Linking Avenue) towards the 999-step staircase. After that, you’ll find yourself underneath the incredible, natural phenomenon, work-of-art arch that measures approximately 430 ft. tall and 190 ft. wide. That is acclaimed to be the portal to heaven. The long trek is worth it because you’ll get to witness its stunning view and unique hallmark.

What More is there to See Nearby the Heaven’s Gate in China

Highest and longest glass bridge in the world
Glass Bridge in China

Zhangjiajie where the Heaven’s Gate is nestled, is known for its unique natural beauty and for being a tourist hub in the Hunan province of China, tagged as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country. Make sure to pay a visit to the longest and highest glass bridge in the world, the Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. One of the many famous attractions in the area alongside Tianmen Cave. It was opened to the public in 2016 and attracts an overwhelming number of visitors each day. It was built by Haim Dotan, an architect based in Tel Aviv. The glass bridge can carry an estimated 800 people at a time! Who’s brave enough to cross the highest glass bridge ever?

A man-made lake covering the mountains of Zhangjiajie
Baofeng Hu

Bao Feng Lake is a majestic artificial alpine lake surrounding the mountains of Zhangjiajie. The ticket price is $7 and rises to $14 during the peak months. You’ll be able to ride a boat from the entrance to the end of the lake dock. This scenic area is roughly 2.5 kilometers long and 72 meters deep. Enjoy the view of the mountain cliffs while riding a boat. The famous lake is mostly visited by the elderly and children.

Did you know?

Featured in the movie avatar
Avatar Mountains

Tianmen Mountain was featured in James Cameroon's movie “Avatar”. It was first proclaimed as the Grand Canyon of China but later on, people started to call it the Avatar Mountains.

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