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Megan Movie Review: The Dancing Horror Doll

What’s the Story?

Megan movie review: There is no other scarier horror theme than a doll being possessed by an evil spirit and starting to kill people like Chucky and Annabelle. But this movie gives beyond the supernatural vibe. M3GAN is about a robotic toy that turns evil and has blonde hair, a dress, stockings, and a bow. Who else would think that a robot who can even do tiktok dance and sing Sia’s Titanium could be a villain in a horror movie?

Megan movie poster featuring the Megan doll and movie title

A robotics engineer named Gemma works for a toy manufacturer making an attempt to create a smart, realistic AI robot toy. When Gemma’s sister and her husband died in a car accident during what was supposed to be their ski trip, she was left in care of her little niece Cady. Gemma promised to her sister that no matter what happens, she will take care of Cady. This wasn’t easy for Gemma but it motivated her to complete her robot design for her niece. Cady and M3GAN (the robot doll that Gemma invented) immediately get close the moment they get “paired”, and for a while, their companionship appears to be easing Cady's pain made by her parent’s passing. But soon, M3GAN begins to exhibit unsettling traits, and terrible "accidents" start to happen.

Megan Movie Review

When M3gan's primary goal of protecting Cady expands, it starts to grow hostile against both those who want to shut it down and those who wish to hurt Cady. The most captivating aspect of the film is the simulation of M3GAN's mind. M3GAN's visual perspective – a video display that demonstrates the robot's camera scanning the surroundings and its interactions with people – through mocking, laughter, sarcasm, falsehoods, and threats of brutality. Everything appears ideal, but since this is a horror film, things rapidly start to go wrong. M3GAN begins to adapt, learn, and make bad choices as a result of her programming.

Megan doll reading a story to Cady from the movie Megan

M3GAN's successful balancing of its humorous and horrifying moments are evident. One of the film's strength is the visual effects that brought the AI doll to life as the way Akela Cooper and James Wan (the creators of the movie) crafted the story to be as far from cliché as possible – being less about an orphan and more about the struggles of grief and what the aunt goes through in various areas of her life – while also being conscious of the absurdity of M3GAN's concept and creation. While many have applauded the film's blend of humor and horror, others have criticized it, claiming that M3GAN depends too heavily on silly moments (such as the viral dance sequence) that disrupt the story's pace and tone. Furthermore, M3GAN lacks surprises and shocking moments, which makes it more predictable. Overall, M3gan is a thriller-comedy movie that everyone would enjoy and is easy to recommend.

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