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Dubai Couple Activities: Perfect Place for Celebrating Special Dates

Updated: Aug 9

A couple looking at the famous Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is known for its out-of-the-world adventures, skydiving from the tallest skyscrapers and the exotic world of the desert. However, it also offers romantic, private places that are perfect for couples having quality time together. This list of Dubai couple activities provides the perfect romantic locations to celebrate special dates such as proposals, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s day, etc. These unique couple spots are sure to provide memories for you both to look back on and talk about for a lifetime. Aside from the infamous dinner date with candle light, Dubai has a lot to offer. Here are our top suggestions:

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Ride

Couple enjoying hot air balloon ride

What else is more romantic than couples riding in a hot air balloon? This stunning activity in Dubai is well-known if you want to witness skyscrapers that look like ants when you’re up above. Even though it's quite costly, this classic adventure with your partner will remain in your memory for life. It also includes a tourist guide who will tell the stories about everything you can see while you’re up high. Enjoy the glimmering view of the Persian Gulf’s blue waters and witness the spectacular sunrise while floating above the City of Gold.

To book, click the link.

Al-Qudra Love Lakes

The famous Al Qudra Love Lake

Al-Qudra “Love” Lakes is human-made with two heart-shaped lakes overlapping each other. You can also see from the view above, trees beside the lake that spell out “LOVE”. This unique lake is quite far from Downtown Dubai but going here with your soulmate is worth it. Discover this hidden gem situated in the middle of Al Salam desert. Can you swim on the lake? Yes, definitely but expect the water to be chilly especially during winter season. Al-Qudra lakes has no entrance fee! Quite a deal for a long drive.

Location: Google Map

Dubai City Helicopter Tour

Helicopter ride tour in Dubai

Every couple dreams of riding a helicopter and looking over the magnificent scenery of the whole city of Dubai from the sky. Up high, you will witness the beauty of the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island and one of the iconic places in Dubai, and Burj Al-Arab, a world-renowned seven star hotel. If you are willing to spend money just to experience this unforgettable aerial tour with your beloved partner, this should surely go straight to your bucket list. You can also take videos and photos perfect for your Instagram.

To book, click the link.

The Miracle Garden

Couple enjoying the Miracle Garden

It’s one of the most famous attractions in Dubai that opens only during the winter season. Because we’re talking about a real flower garden, the flowers need a cold climate to survive. Considered as the largest flower garden in the world, it is home for 50 million different types of beautiful flowers and sanctuary for 15,000 butterflies.The place is not open whole-year round, so don’t miss the chance of visiting the Miracle Garden which will be opened on September 15, 2023.

Entrance Ticket: 40 aed - Adult/ 30 Aed - Children (below age 12)

Location: Street 2, Al Barsha South, Dubai

Timings: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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Vox Cinema’s Outdoor Screen

The famous outdoor cinema in Dubai

Experience a cinema date in a fancy and unique way where you can relax on super comfy couches, bean bags and a blanket for your chilly toes. This outdoor cinema is one of Dubai goers favorites, located on the open-air spot of The Galleria Mall in Jumeirah 1. Aside from enjoying watching your favorite movie on a 3D screen, they also offer a dine-in experience of their a la carte menu. What could be a more romantic way of watching a movie than sharing a couch for two, complete with snacks and drinks.

Location: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road

Dubai Desert Safari

Luxurious dinner date night at the Desert Safari

Desert Safari brings your usual dinner date into a different level. Enjoy luxurious dinner while watching live entertainment shows: tanoura dancing, fire shows, belly dancing, and experience Dubai's famous henna tattoo from top henna artists. There are tons of activities awaiting you in the desert. Yes. In the middle of the desert. Try camel riding and quad biking together. Desert safari is extremely popular on social media, especially with couple’s looking to take their pre-nuptial shots. Is it worth visiting? Undoubtedly! It should be added on your couple’s bucket list.

To book dinner in the desert, click the link.

Burj Khalifa’s Top Sky Lounge

Top Sky Lounge perfect for couples

Sky Lounge, also known as the highest lounge in the world, is located at none other than the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. No other lounge on Earth will be better or higher than this. It has an observation deck that is perfect if you want to have the whole Dubai City as your backdrop. Enjoy the finest cuisine from around the world while witnessing the spellbinding view from the top of Burj Khalifa. The perfect time to visit is before dawn, so you can catch the sunset while enjoying complementaries on your special date.

To book tickets, click the link.

Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai: Dubai Couple Activities

If you only have Venice in mind for a romantic place to go, well then you haven’t discovered everything about Dubai yet. If you haven’t decided where to spend your special day with your partner? Try these fun private activities for couples. There are no shortages of things to do in Dubai.


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