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Celebrity Kdrama Review: The Ugly Side of Influencers Culture

Updated: Aug 9

Netflix released a new kdrama series “Celebrity” about the unseen crazy world of social media influencers. As we moved to the digital era, social media idols or e-celebrities most often yield more income than movie actors by their tremendous amounts of viewers, million followers, and likes. Celebrity kdrama unravels the luxurious and extravagant life of the like-chaser trendsetters. However, it also unmasks the ruthless jungle of fame, prestige, classism, and rivalry embroidered in the influencer culture. Let's unravel the series in this Celebrity kdrama review.

Promo image of Netflix series: Celebrity

Celebrity follows the journey of Soe A-ri, who came from actual wealth but is now a door-to-door saleswoman of cheap cosmetics after her family’s clothing business went bankrupt. She is completely content with her simple, offline life until she reunites with her former classmate Oh Min Hye, who is currently a famous influencer which changes the track of her life. Through Min Hye, A-ri was given a peek into her life – a captivating sight of fame. As she created her Instagram account, the twists and turns of her life began. Paving her way to be South Korea’s top influencer.

We’re not taking the fact that most influencers worked hard and revolutionized marketing from what it was decades ago. Remember that Celebrity is a one-dimensional story that unmasks the ugly side of social media show-offs. The “cheats” behind their fame, flaunting fake wealth to chase followers and likes, failed marriages, scandals, as well as leeching off to other more famous influencers. Sexism is also noticeable on the show. As you will notice, there are no male influencers who are involved in the social media civil war. Women are often stereotyped as always involved in catfights and love indulging in things.

Despite the drawbacks, Celebrity stands out with its ability to dive deep into the characters’ emotions. It scrutinized their vulnerability, fears, wild aspirations, and complex human experiences that even famous celebrities go through allowing the viewers to relate to their stories. It also takes us to influencers' insecurities – little that we know about. The fascinating exploration of influencers’ world underneath its flashy and glamorous surface, adding its mysterious elements leaves the viewers intrigued and keeps them on the edge of their seats waiting for each revelation.

Park Gyu-young in 'Celebrity'. Credit: Netflix


Director: Kim Cheol-kyu Writer: Kim Yi-Young Cast: Park Gyu-young, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Chung-ah, Lee Dong-gun, Jun Hyo-Seong, Han Jae-In, Han Eu-Ddeum, Park Ye-Ni, Jin So-Yeon

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