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Bird Box Barcelona Review: Doesn’t Fly Far without Sandra Bullock

Updated: Aug 9

Bird Box Barcelona Review: The blindfolds are back! Bird Box Barcelona is more likely happening at the same timeline as the previous Bird Box 2018 sci-fi hit in a different universe than a sequel. The new movie jumps to Barcelona where Sebastian and his daughter Anna are making their attempt to survive with the remaining sightless humans. As with the first Bird Box movie starring Sandra Bullock, the world is in a catastrophic state caused by an invisible force persuading humans to embrace death and kill themselves. Bird Box Barcelona on the other hand, focuses on the idea of lunatic people on a hunt to forcefully take others’ blindfolds to look.

First 5 minutes of the movie, Sebastian gave a Sandra Bullock vibe - fighting for his life to survive this unimaginable tribulation. As the movie goes on, Sebastian meets a group of blindfolded people trying to flee the city and go to a safer place. Surprisingly, he’s one of the unwell people that’s lurking around to force people to see death. And Anna, his daughter, is revealed as an apparition provoking him to keep up his evil journey. It was indeed a mind-blowing start but the movie cannot keep up its intensity as it gives numerous flashback screentime leaking how Sebastian has gotten this way making the movie more predictable. Compared to the 2018 Bird Box that the viewers are on the edge of their seats wondering what in the world is going to happen next.

Bid Box sequel only on Netflix

The movie gives a repetitious vibe as it lacks new ideas we haven’t seen yet. It became much of the same story in a different venue. The most dramatic part though is how humans are transformed into cruel creatures because of the heartbreak and agony they’ve experienced in life. Both Sebastian’s wife and daughter dying made his mind go insane. Bird Box Barcelona strangely dived into the thought of the unseen evil being related to religion as Barcelona was known as a Catholic city. This made the viewer's mind bewildered. Is it supernatural as the previous movie kind of portrayed or extraterrestrial or religious? Still no clear answer.

Claire and Sophia in the Bird Box Barcelona movie

Bird box Barcelona review: Is it worth streaming?

Overall, the dynamics of the movie feel very familiar. It’s like lighting a candle for the second time and it does the same. It centers on repetitive events: people fleeing blindfolded and eventually exposing themselves to committing suicide. The storyline comes close to offering something deeper with a tale of someone’s grief, though it never lives up to the expectation of being the Bird Box sequel.

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