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Behind Your Touch Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Review: Funny Way to Solve a Crime

Updated: Aug 20

The new romantic-comedy series is a story about a veterinarian who received a psychic ability from a meteor-like entity and a detective in search of big crimes in town. Let’s follow their story of solving mysterious crimes in a very uncanny way. Sharing our recap and review of Behind Your Touch episode 1 and 2.

Review and Recap of episode 1 and 2
Behind Your Touch

Episode 1 Recap and Review: Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch recap and review: Bong Ye Bun, is a quirky veterinarian who sees someone’s past by touching their bums. It’s a very unique and funny concept making the viewers excited to see more. The show is also giving a light-hearted, chill vibe and is entertaining as the lead actors started as mortal enemies – wonder how their love story will begin. Episode 1 started with Ye Bun running, heading towards an accident involving her mom. When she arrived at the scene, she found out that her mom killed herself by driving her car to the sea to drown herself.

After Ye Bun’s mother passed away, she then decided to live with her aunt and grandfather. Her aunt is very supportive and caring of her. On the other hand, her grandfather seems cold and doesn’t show any interest in her. To gain her grandfather’s approval, she went to a veterinary school so she can take over their family’s livestock clinic business. Then one night, as she’s checking on a mother cow that is about to give birth, a meteor fell on her while she’s holding the cow’s behind. She passed out and strangely woke up after 3 days.

Still bewildered about what must have happened to her, Ye Bun resumed her veterinary job. As she touches her dog’s behind, she begins to see its past. Ye Bun freaked out and was shocked about what was going on. She walks around the town and touches every animal’s behind and it still does the same. Out of her curiosity, if her psychic ability would work on humans as well, she gropes a pocket picker's behind. Moon Jang-yeol, a new detective in town from Seoul, saw what Ye Bun was doing and stopped her, and brought her to the police station for questioning. Our crazy couple’s first meeting in a very awkward scene! Jang-yeol was transferred to a small town after an incident happened in Seoul involving him that would later be revealed in the next episodes to come. This is the start of our duo’s unceasing catfight and is expected to turn into a romance.

Jan-yeol being suspicious with Ye Bun
Ye Bun and Detective Jan-yeol

Desperate on trying to stop this peculiar thing from bugging her, her bestfriend, Bae Ok Hui, advised Ye Bun to consult a Shaman. The famous shaman from her town who claimed to be possessed by the ghost of General McArthur told her that she’s been chosen by the deities – and convinces Ye Bun to be a shaman too. As the ritual began, Ye Bun was asked to walk on the straw cutter with her bare feet. Ye Bun was scared of hurting her feet so she asked the shaman to demonstrate it first and he hurt himself. Ye Bun found out that the shaman is fake and a fraud. The shaman confessed that he did that because his child is studying KPop dance in Australia and needed 50,000 won.

Episode 2 Recap and Review: Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch recap and review: After this incident, Bong Ye Bun embraced her fate and used her supernatural psychic power to grow their veterinary clinic business. And it worked! There’s a long queue in front of her clinic everyday and she became a well-known animal doctor for her accurate prescriptions. Them not knowing it’s because she can psychically see what’s the real cause of their pets’ sickness. How cool it is!

Ye Bun doing her veterinary duties.
Ye Bun as a veterinarian

Remember the time that Bong Ye Bun was stricken by a giant glowing ball? She was with the cow’s owner. Ye Bun met the cow owner again and he confessed to her that he is also experiencing the same thing. Every time he touches someone’s leg, he sees their pasts too. He added that whenever he uses his power, his hair falls from his head. “Great power comes with great hair loss.” Ye Bun became terrified that the same thing would happen to her. She decided to close the clinic to prevent her from losing all her hair. Because of her aunt’s strong will to make money, she sends off Ye Bun to a flatfish factory to work there.

Detective Jang-yeol, itching to be reinstated back to Seoul, was doing his best to find and solve a big crime in the town. His desperation led him to the flatfish factory where Ye Bun was working. He and his police partner witnessed a potential drug trade and began a search and retrieval operation. But it turns out that the suspected drugs are only fish powders. In the police station, while waiting for the result of the plant workers' drug test, Ye Bun accidentally touches her co-worker’s behind. The guy was revealed in the episode to be Ye Bun’s schoolmate whilst she was studying at a university. She was confused and frightened at the same time but she let it pass as she was still unsure if the power she has is reliable.

Behind your touch episode 1 and 2 starts on a very entertaining series that everyone would like to watch with friends and family. It’s a romantic-comedy with the thrilling effect of uncovering serial killer crimes. Episode 3 gave a preview of Ye Bun telling Jang-yeol about her psychic ability. In theory, they would definitely team up in solving crimes, and with this, we’re expecting their love story to blossom. The sad part is we need to wait for days to watch the next episode.

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